Washing Machines In 2013 Reviewed - Buying The Ideal Washer

Even if you're on a budget, you will find it easy to comparison shop for a washing machine during 2013. Don't close your mind to the fact that you are limited in your budget because that no longer means you will have to settle for low-budget features. Most of the time washers that cost less come with fewer bells and whistles (features). However, you are not limited to low-featured machines because even the lower priced models for 2013 have features that will surprise you. One feature you want to look for is a gentle washing cycle. Gentle washing will help protect your clothes and you will be able to wear them much longer.

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Stylish washers are preferred by some people, while the affordable ones are preferred by those who simply want a washer that will do what's supposed to do. Among users, the Maytag Bravos MVWX600XW has gotten high marks. When it comes to washing machines, the Maytag brand has been a well-known brand for many decades. Retailing for less than $400, the Maytag Bravos MVWX600XW is a great example of a washer that combines quality performance with affordability. It doesn't hurt that this washer has an attractive design and is energy efficient. But you'll find this model to be a little bit smaller than what you may want. As always, you have to consider the family size and just about everybody considers price point, too.

Another top-loader, which is on the upper level of washing machines, is the Samsung WA5471A. For whatever reason, the lid on this top loader is tempered glass. We're not quite sure why. Perhaps it's the latest fashion statement in the design of washing machines. Regardless, you'll love the 4.7 cubic foot clothing capacity and the 13 cycles that allow you to fine-tune your laundering. It won't fall into everyone's budget, though, with a suggested price of $1,078. Nonetheless, many people do buy this machine who can afford it. It's attractive stainless platinum color may be responsible for some of the sales. Nevertheless, if you prefer a white washing machine, the Samsung is also available in white. You would expect a machine in this price range to definitely be Energy Star efficient, and it most certainly is. This will allow you to recover some of your purchase price over time by the money you will save on your energy bill.

The Whirlpool WTW7600XW is a top-loader with a tempered glass lid. It's available in two colors: metallic silver and white. It has an above average tub capacity and this is one of the things that users like about this washer. Nearly all the good washing machines have the Energy Star logo on them and this Whirlpool washer has it. Tempered glass lids seem to be a well-liked feature among the washing machines today. These features may likely be an after-thought for washer makers. But then, you'll have to pay a lot more for washers that have these features. One of the better innovations are the sensing technologies used in new washers in 2013. Now washers that have such features are well worth their price tag because they're energy efficient and money saving machines.

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